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Urszula i Sasza, Zanna, Beata, Mariusz, Ania, Marcin, Ela, Błażej, Maciej, Tomek, Agnieszka, Piotr, Małgorzata/Nina/Michał, Natalia.


InvisibleMan - Polskie Centrum Marillion

Although there are many dedicated fans and lovers of Marillion in Poland, for some reason we do not have an oficial fanclub here. Most of us are WebUk members.


Thanx to internet and facebook we have managed to organize ourselves in a kind of a group around  www.invisibleman.pl and facebook portal. It is totally spontaneous, “users generated” initative.



The website publishes updates and news from www.marillion.com in Polish (for some guys it breaks the language barrier); we chat, exchange opinions, spread the word….and  meet at gigs.

Of course it is only few out of many in the whole country. (But the most active ones!:-))

The idea is coming from Maciek and he is standing behind website, fb profile and most activities.


I hope there is much more ahead of us - with the Band, about the Band and for the Band

and see you all in Poland at the gigs this year!




Who we are and what is a Marillion story of some of us?


Maciej - When I started listening to the music, I started to listen to Marillion. It was 93, but the first Marillion record I bought on a day it was issued was marillion.com. I only heard about the gigs of Afraid of Sunlight tour in '95. The next gig in Poland I could see, was the unforgettable 25th of October of 2001 in Cracow -  Anoraknophobia Tour. Since then I have seen 13 Marillion gigs and 2 H-Natural ones. But the most sentiments I have for the Bydgoszcz gig from 2004 during The Marbles tour. And till today Marbles is my beloved album. Even more unforgettable moments I experienced in Dolina Charlotty in 2010 and during the last  Marillion Weekend Port Zelande, which was my dreams coming true! I am fascinated with the history of Marillion.

History of THIS music. And as it is a concert band, its history is told in the most beautiful way with their gigs, every year, every tour...  I collect Marillion music and memorablia  and I am very eager to see what happens in 2012 – Marillion year! New album and concerts again! We will then meet on tour and the next Marillion Weekend in only a year!


Malgorzata, Nina, Michal - Age: 31, 8 months, 37.

 Where are you from?: Poland, Sulejówek, close to Warsaw.

First Marillion gig? We weren't together on our first Marillion gig. For Michal it was the Brave Tour in Warsaw, for me Afraid of Sunlight Tour in Poznan, First Marillion gig before Nina:)

Favourite Marillion album? It's very hard to find the answer to that question...it depends on our mood...really the favorite Marillion album is the compilation of many albums: Season’s End, Brave, Afraid of Sunlight, This Strange Engine, Marbles, Happiness is the Road... for example today is the Less is More day especially Out of this world with piano and classic guitar and h voice...

Best Marillion memory? August 2010, we were on Legends of Rock Festival at Dolina Charlotty/Poland. Just after we checked in the hotel, we went to amphitheater, at the hotel entrance we encounter a small fuss, two cars drove up with new guests and…  we saw the passengers: Steve H Steve R, Mark M, Pete T, Ian  it was a real shock for us ... a true encounter of the third kind...that's started our quasi Marillion weekend , we saw The Guys at the festival concerts, we were on Saturday's sound check and evening gig... really pleasant, living memories...

Wishes for 2012: We are waiting for the new album and concerts in Poland or somewhere else...see you soon...


Beata - Hi, my name is Beata Janicka. My first meeting with Marillion took place not so long ago, in 2008. I fell in love with the first notes! The first consciously awaited album – “Happiness is the Road" feels the best. But the “divine” one is "Brave ".

My charm – a stone from the Coniston lake. The best concert, my first – Cracow 09.02.2009, Hala Wisły. A poster with signatures of my musical love.  Angelina – as it all started from this one.  Emotions and most beautiful pictures in my head when listening to Marillion…


Ela - The Spirit of changes was growing up with power. More and more sounds were coming from beyond the mountains, but no every windows were open, and no every sounds had run into our arms at the same time. We had been just a moment bound with the recollections which were walking deeply in our hearts. Our little street was becoming empty and grey. The wind had torn the old sign-board of the fame. Even the clock hadn' t played its songs already. Despite the gloomily gates from the far I saw the light that showed the following way. Clear and straight. The way of happiness. The dawn woke me up in the arms of love. Then I had got the beautiful gift from my love, the new rhythm sat comfortable on the throne of my life

And it's playing


Piotr  - Marillion. Loads of memories are coming up to my mind. Among them is the sound of Assassing - the first song of the band I've ever heard. Then my first brief encounter [:-)] with Marillion in Sopot in August 1991 after their "live" [:-)] concert. Other is Punch and Judy at my wedding and surprised faces of my in-laws. Yet another, it's my ritual - Clutching At Straws played on the first day of summer at sunset. And the freshest memory - still incredibly vivid pictures of the band and their fans at Marillion Weekend in Port Zelande last year. Marillion is a part of my life. It is a part of me.


Błazej - I have been listening to Marillion since childhood. I was 8 or 10 when my older brother introduced me to the Band. The best album from Fish era for me is Clutching….just because my adventure with the Best Band In the World started from it, so I AM a bit sentimental about it..:-) The fanbase split after Fish had left and I was trying to make my own decision about it.. Finally I stayed loyal to both: Marillion and Fish solo career. I saw about 20 Fish gigs and 5 Marillion gigs with h. It is not possible to choose the best one as there is a bit of magic in each of them....The same sounds for albums or songs – it is difficult to choose the favourite one – each one of them is original and miraculous on its own way… The Marillion music is an indispensable part of my life, and I am sure it always will be. It is a kind of marriage which cannot be split in any possible way. For ever and ever


Ania - I heard "Kayleigh" in Polish radio 3 - once, then again, and again something touched me, moved me, made me anxious, there was something strange in this song, anxiety and some kind of longing.  In the 80ties one did not download songs just like that, I was looking for somebody who would have it recorded and my school friend gave me the whole album – Misplaced Childhood. My cousin lent me his walkman, I put on the headphones and that’s how it all started... Strange feeling – anxiety, hatred, then longing and love. I used to listen to the music before but it was always missing something ,I found it in Marillion – the sounds which got straight across my heart, exposed my soul. Once I started with Misplaced…. I got to the rest of the albums, and I was listening to them like crazy. My friend left for Germany but the albums stayed with me.. Then – just few months later - Marillion came to  Poland. In some miraculous way a friends’ brother got tickets and we travelled, 3 of us to the only – as it turned out later – Marillion concert with Fish in Zabrze. 1987. Unforgettable moments, we were standing in the very front row, opposite Steve Rothery. For me – a young God who played the most beautiful sounds from his guitar!   Then the school finished and Fish left the Band. It felt as the blow into the very heart. Then some 2 years later I heard Marillion again. My hear grew and…fell down as it was not the same Marillion, MY Marillion. Some guy – Steve singing…. I did not like it, the band betrayed Fish I thought, and for me the episode with Marillion finished. Till 2008 when the same friend sent me the best Marillion tracks and said: Listen to that, you will fall in love again! First was Marbles III, Ocean Cloud, Angelina,  The Invisible Man, Neverland - and again I felt this anxiety in my heart…then I listened to Brave …..and loved Marillion again! different to the Fish era but equally beautiful… And then I met some friends who felt like I did .. and I was not alone anymore…


Tom, Aylesbury - "My own Marillion's story so far... It was in 1988 a Saturday in the summer. We were having a party in my mate's house with plenty of beer and good music. During the evening another class-mate came with his girlfriend with the news that Fish left Marillion... He was so depressed and after a few beers he cried... Until this time I had no knowledge of Marillion's music, but his reaction to the news gave me the incentive to listen to some of their music. "Kayleigh" was the first song I heard and then albums: "Script for a Jester's tear", "Fugazi", "Misplaced Childhood" and "Clutching at Straws"... I am so grateful to this guy who opened my eyes and soul to Marillion's music, which is with me still today and will be forever. My best albums are: The last album with Fish  "Clutching at Straws" and first album with Steve Hogarth "Seasons End". It was like Farewell to the past and Great Expectation and Hope to the future... My best song is "Somewhere Else" - was released at the time of my father's death and it soothed and relieved the pain of my tragic lost... Marillion Weekend in Leamington Spa was a fantastic adventure. Amazing atmosphere and the beer was tasty as never before ;) When the crowd sang with Mr H, the staff of the venue stopped selling drinks - they didn't know what happened! The sound was so loud and beautiful...



Piotr - Back in the 90’s when I was a kid, I never thought I would become a dedicated follower of a British band called Marillion. The first time I saw them was on MTV, and that was a video of that famous song which made them big in the eighties, yes that was “Kayleigh” of course.  My first impression was rather bad:  80’s “one hit wonder” pop band, nothing special. Although I was aware that they were somehow popular in my country, and it was quite unfair to judge a critically acclaimed band only after hearing their biggest hit, I didn’t bother myself to know them better. It all changed years later when I’ve heard Rush and I became a fan of so called “progressive rock”. When I realized that 80’s ”one hit wonder” pop band was actually not so pop, but rather prog, I decided to check them for real. It wasn’t an instant musical love. I thought they were good, but hard to get into. Fish era appealed to me most, but later on I was somehow drawn to more recent albums. There was something in their music, (and I really don’t know what that was, or maybe I can’t find the right words to express it), that kept me playing their records over and over, even though some of their stuff were hard for me to digest. It was about ten years ago when I was reading Jon Collins’ book and listening to “Brave” and “Afraid of Sunlight” consecutively, another change of perception happened. I suddenly became aware of the depth and intensity of that music packed with an incredible emotional charge revealed in h’s lyrics. I remember I could immerse myself in that music for hours, listening very carefully to every note. The more I started to listen, I discovered that almost every album (especially h era ones) had something special to offer. Something that isn’t necessary available to your ears after you spin the record for the first time. Quality music takes time. But the more time you invest in it, the more rewarding it becomes. Then I was hooked. I stared collecting every single Marillion related item that was available, joined The Web, went to many gigs and met a lot of great people. My love for their music didn’t fade away, and I’m glad I can support  them on their musical journey, because they are a magnificent gift to the spoiled music business, which is all about: money, looks and “hits”. Marillion are about being creative, honest and independent. Creative, because of their talents and musicianship, which enables them to deliver great quality modern music in a true progressive way. Honest, because they do what they love and they don’t live in their past 80’s glories, and independent, because they can still exist thanks to the people who loves them, not big record companies.


Mariusz  - In 1985, a child  saw a picture with a boy in a uniform on it. Shortly after he was intrigued by a man with a painted face. A year later with help of music and words the jigsaw pieces fell together.

In 1987 he  promised  himself  to go to a gig in 2 years, first in his life but so much awaited... He did not make it. He did not know then that the story has been just beginning....  This boy - as a young man and then a man had a huge pleasure to see and experience many gigs, listen to many fantastic albums which come back till today and for which he is still waiting.  In 2002 he welcomed to this world his son, with the notes and lyrics of Lavender..  Today he knows that this journey will never end..:-)


We are Urszula and Sasza(Sasha) - my little daughter.  I have been listening to Marillion since my sister Natalia (Nut NoOne Kann) introduced me to this music. It was a long, long time ago.. Probably in 1994.  I remember the post card from Krakow I received from Nat and Steve Hogarth. It was 1995, and H (Hoggy, as we called him then) wrote about the rain in Krakow and that everyone waiting for Marillion there, had got wet.  I live in Warsaw but emotionally Marillion are connected for me to another places: Kraków amazing concert in 2001, Scotland all the journey I  was listening to Brave album. Wilga a small cottage in the woods, me and Nati went there a few times for our teenage summer holidays. The sunny days of youth and sounds of Holidays in Eden....  Sasza has been listening to Marillion since she was born in 2010. I'm very curious what she's going to tell me about them, when she starts to talk fluently. She used to fall asleep when listening to This Train Is My Life, her probably favourite song so far.


Nut No One Kann = Natalia - Born in the same year as Marillion. Fell in love with them, when was about 11 years old or so.

One of the earliest reminiscences is listening to Sympathy and the amazing feeling connected to this unbelievably beautiful, dark and deep voice.. and I felt then like I knew the owner of the voice.. and I was so moved and touched in the deepest part of my soul.. That was the beginning of the beautiful story...  The first M-concert, when I was 16 - Afraid of Sunlight tour, Warsaw.. The first meeting AoS promotion in Kraków.  The most beloved song... impossible to choose one, but probably this is Beyond You.  And Great Escape.. and Wrapped up in Time, and Neverland, Ocean CloudThis train is My Life... Estonia.. Out of this world.. Happiness is the Road (...) I can't have only one. I have experienced many special and sometimes really magical, incredible moments during all these years.. the gigs, meetings etc.. It's hard to tell about them, but be sure they were there because of this exceptional relationship with Marillion. Marillion are the only permanent thing in my life and one and the only “thing” that is so reliable.. I have understood this a long time ago. And I am ready to do a lot, just to nurse this special love and to share it..  I have managed to be  kind of a good missionary of Marillion Music, passed it on to many, many people during my Marillion life. Amongst them are my younger sisters, which are in our picture, Urszula with her daughter Sasha (Ul Sad) and Zuzanna (Zanna Kann).


Zuzanna - is 11 years younger than me, her first Marillion concert was Marbles Tour in 2004, I took her to Bydgoszcz. She was 14 then. Now I don't need to take her  to see Marillion, it's her who made me to go to London for Christmas Gig last year.  As I am a teacher, I always try to  share my Marillion love with my little students..  :-)


It's really difficult to tell in only a few words about all the feelings and thoughts I have for this Music and this Band.

Steve, H, Pete, Ian and Mark- I would like to thank you for... that you are. For every note and tone and tune I have received from you, since I was a child. For loads of emotions and beautiful, positive feelings. And especially thank you that there is something constant and beautiful at once in my life. The very important part of my existence. And thanks for the inspiration to my photography as well. 

Guys, don't forget that there are many people in Poland, who love you and miss you. We're  looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon. Please, Come to Warsaw.


 Agnieszka - Night radio program of Piotr Kaczkowski,PR3, nineteen eighty something.. In the total darkness I hear: So here I am once more..... I freeze with emotions. Huge and important chapter of my life just starting…

Then I saw Marillion live in Zabrze & Poznan in 1987, (still behind the Iron Curtain & still with Fish).Then I saw h (and his magic gloves ? ) live for the first time at Wembley Arena.

I fell in love with “new” Marillion, and I knew it would last… Then there were many gigs in Poland and abroad till 2003 when I won a competition to meet the Band at Marillion BBQ.
It gave me the opportunity to talk to them, have real, meaningful conversation about music, lyrics and life.… It was an amazing experience and since then the gigs become even more intense and personal for me. There were Conventions, concerts here and there, listening parties, meetings, signing sessions, press conferences, h solo gigs, h band gigs and a lot of very personal and moving moments.

I cannot imagine my life, its difficult and happy times without Marillion music. It has become a part of my emotional journey, over 20 years now.

Cure and blessing and ..A true addiction. Many songs and Band’s live performance saved my sanity in hard moments….like the best therapy!

 I do not have a favourite album, my preferences vary depending on the mood and life stage. The most striking song which opened my eyes to h’s sensivity as a writer , his ability to feel the emotional subtleties, has always been and will always be Waiting to Happen. (not a surprising choice to those who know me ?). I am very grateful to fate to be able to have such an intense relationship.

With Music. And with The Band. Very uncommon and very precious…Thank you.